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Welcome To Jodi Mcfadden

Hello Everyone,

The last eight years or so, wow, what wild exciting ride it has been. We can hardly believe
that this time 7 years ago, my brother Mickey, joined the band and is still, doing a stellar job. Ritchie Noon Jr. is back at the helm on bass and guitar, and dad is now switching between guitars and keyboards!!! GO DADDY GO!
The last eight years have seen us doing numerous casinos, corporate jobs fairs, private parties,
weddings and we have been privileged enough to open for K.C. & the Sunshine Band and Three
Dog Night.  We have also had some interesting guests at our shows: Tony Butala from the Lettermen, 
Kool & the Gang and Mr. Bob West from Chicago (one of the best darn Elvis impersonators in the business)! 
My dad, Chance, is finally learning how to run this website, so bear with us, THANX!,
The site is always under construction, so stop by to see the improvements and changes often.
No cover charge. Dad says he will be offering our newest c.d. for sale on the website as well as some
free mp3 downloads. So PLEASE stop by often!   

We try to represent the BEST in family entertainment, no drugs, alcohol or improper language,
and we travel all over from Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri and Tennessee
and Kentucky. But what the heck, we’ll go anywhere! With all the great places and events we have
performed at, we are still missing one thing: the opportunity to perform for you! 

We are constantly amazed at the appeal of our band; all ages and I mean ALL AGES, from children to
Seniors seem to love the band. We feel so blessed to have the opportunity to perform for all of them. So
now I must ask you: When will we have the opportunity to perform for you? We know times are tough, with
rising gas prices and rising everything prices. We have decided to hold the line for all the good people that
have hired us in the past, and for those who will hire us in the future. The bottom line is our prices will not
increase. They will stay the same as they have for the last two years, we will keep this in effect for as long as we can.

Our Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks tribute show is now called “STAND BACK“, please feel free to consult our
price list for details. We will be keeping REACHING FOR THE STARS, and our feet on the ground. Look forward to
seeing you soon. Please, as usual, contact my dad, Chance, for all booking arrangements. 

Thanks a lot!    
Jodi McFadden

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